At Farmers & Merchants State Bank of Bushnell, we offer the latest in convenience and technology.

Visa® Check Card

  • Like writing a check, but without the hassle!
  • Protected by Card Sentry
  • First card free
  • Includes purchase alerts, powered by Visa®

Card Sentry

A proactive risk management product developed specifically to manage the risk associated with debit card use, the Card Sentry system detects unusual card activity based upon known patterns in an account or in transaction activity within our institution. We monitor F&M VisaCheck Card usage for suspicious activity. If detected, a cardholder is contacted to validate identity and confirm the activity in question. If fraud is confirmed, card is blocked from further use and cardholder issued a new card.

Round Up Savings

Do yourself a favor and save for yourself when you enroll in Round Up Savings. Every time you use your F&M Visa check card, the transaction is rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the round-up portion is automatically deposited to your savings account, or any account you designate. You have the option to round up even further, from $1 to $9. The savings can go to any account you choose, checking or savings, for yourself or someone else. To start saving right away, Login to online banking to fill out our online form located behind the Messages tab.

Other Services

  • Auto debit
  • Direct deposit
  • License plate renewal stickers
  • Money orders
  • Night Depository
  • Notary public services
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Wires

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