Got 3 Minutes?

You wouldn’t leave your house keys in the door, would you? Of course not—most people keep their homes and cars locked and secured at all times. If not, someone could get in and steal your belongings and personal information.

So why should your computer be any different? It has information that can be just as valuable, like your financial data, Social Security number, or passwords to your files and email. Stay smart and protect yourself. Watch this 3-minute video from to learn how to foil a hacker—and keep your computer as secure as your most valued possessions.

F&M Security Tip: Don't lose that device! According to a recent study, you are 16 times more likely to lose a laptop or mobile device than to have it stolen. When you are traveling, always double-check to make sure you have your mobile device with you, such as when you finish going through airport security, leave your taxi, or check out of your hotel.

Deposit Accounts

We offer a variety of accounts to make it possible to bank YOUR way. From basic checking to money markets and CDs earning competitive interest rates, the choice is yours.

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At Farmers and Merchants State Bank, we understand your needs. We can help with flexible terms that fit your budget. Competitive rates and prompt answers make us the first choice for loans in West Central Illinois.

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With a full service trust department established in 1959, we can provide the professional advice you're looking for. Plan for your future with a wide array of options to meet your needs.

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